Has It Really Been That Long?


Somehow within the last year I lost touch with one of the past times I had come to enjoy so much since beginning this blog two years ago. I am not certain exactly how it happened. Perhaps like most hobbies my interests began to be redirected elsewhere in my life, but over the last few months I have had the urge to get back and devote some time to continue writing on this blog. I kept reminding myself to check back in, to carve out some uninterrupted time, to rekindle my enjoyment by writing down my thoughts. But, unfortunately as human nature often allows, I made an excuse or simply put off finding the time.

Time. Sometimes it seems like there just isn’t enough of it.

I hear myself saying these things in my mind. “If I only had more time to… or “If I could just get one more hour to….” No matter what it is that fills in the blank for you it sometimes feels like there just isn’t enough time.

There simply seems not to be enough time in the days, the weeks, the months to get everything done. At least it seems to feel more and more like that for me recently. That feeling is very daunting, and to be honest a little terrifying. I want to always have enough time to enjoy the pursuits of my happiness outside of work. Which is why I’m going to try to make the time to rekindle the joys that brought me to begin writing on this blog in the first place. I remember how excited I was when I first began sharing my thoughts from my classroom onto this blog. I felt energized to connect my classroom experiences to a larger audience (albeit a small one). I felt that reflecting on my teaching practices made me be a better educator. Perhaps even a better person knowing that I had found the time to dedicate myself to an activity that made me feel fulfilled.